Interior Design Trend: Why Video Is on the Rise

A wise friend once told me that the key to maximizing your potential on film is to channel your “video energy.” He explained that the challenge of presenting your best self on camera has the power to inspire you to rise to a new level of engagement and interest.

Video Energy

I had always wanted to take my video skills to the next level, but I still wasn’t sure how. I watched instructional videos on YouTube and made practice clips like crazy. These were okay, but when I received a call to make a video home tour for a realtor, I knew I needed to switch into high gear! I binge-watched 40 episodes of Open House NYC featuring designers I admired to see how they had pulled it off. Then I feasted on a dozen classic episodes of “That Girl” — Marlo Thomas’s Ann Marie has always inspired my inner independent career gal — and voila, I was ready! The video appears at the bottom of this post for you to view.

This past spring I was invited to give a presentation at High Point on how I prepared for my video debut and what I learned. I was honored to be asked and excited to share my experience with other members of the design community. Throughout the presentation the group added their ideas to mine in a most exciting way. We talked about using Facebook live, Instagram and much more. It was an eye-opening experience that confirmed what I already believe to be true—people love seeing the real you on video!

In fact, video is so naturally engaging that many of us are drawn in almost without realizing it. Think about it—how many times has a product video helped you make a purchasing decision while shopping online? You aren’t alone—over 90% of online shoppers find that product videos are helpful in the decision process (I know I do!).

In this day of information overload, video offers the quickest and easiest way to get your point across and, conversely, understand someone else’s point. The research doesn’t lie—according to Forrester’s Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words in terms of how quickly it can get your point across.

Video is quickly becoming integral to the majority of our lives. Experts predict that by next year video will claim more than 80% of all web traffic. Why is that number so high? Because more than half of you would rather watch a video than read this blog post! If you find that you are one of the many in that boat, please take a moment and watch my very first foray into the wonderful world of video below!


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The Red Shutters Wins Best of Houzz for 2018!

Marina Case of The Red Shutters has won Best of Houzz for 2018 in both the Design and Service categories. Marina was chosen from among more than one million active professionals by the Houzz community worldwide!

Best of Houzz Design is awarded to professionals whose work is judged most popular by the more than 40 million monthly users on Houzz. Best of Houzz Service honors are based on factors including the number and quality of client reviews received in the previous calendar year.

Needless to say, we are grateful to all of the wonderful clients who have reviewed our work. It is an honor to receive the Service award for the second year in a row, and the Design award for the first time. Thank you!

Best of Houzz 2018

We hope you’ll click through to read our reviews and maybe add your own!

—Marina Case & The Design Team at The Red Shutters

See and read more on Houzz  Marina Case in Warwick, NY on Houzz

The Red Shutters is a full-service interior design firm with a retail location in popular Warwick, NY. By drawing upon Marina’s unique fluency in all four iconic decorating styles: traditional, modern, tribal and fun, The Red Shutters is able to tell each of their clients’ unique stories in great taste. We also offer a lively education program for clients and aspiring decorators, so we encourage you to sign up for The Red List to learn more about our programs, workshops, courses, inspirations, and specials.

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The Triumph of Good Taste —Tips from a Pro!

You too can bring good taste into your home!

The House in Good Taste (1913), by Elsie de Wolfe, a classic of Interior Decorating Literature

Searching for timeless tips to guide your own personal home decor? Well, no need to look any further than Design NJ Magazine’s recent article, The Triumph of Good Taste—Tips from a Pro featuring Marina Case of The Red Shutters. The article highlights how Marina’s  professional journey grew and was defined by Elsie de Wolfe’s 1913 book, The House in Good Taste.

Elsie de Wolfe was a pioneer in the field of interior design, and her story inspired Marina’s own career transformation expanding outwards from a stay-at-home-mom and hobby decorator, into a full-fledged interior designer.

The article features Marina’s (and deWolfe’s!) top tips for bringing good taste into your home. It’s hard to pick, but our top-three favorite key takeaways from the list are:

  1. Fit the decorations and furnishings to the house and the requirements of those who live there.
  2. When it doubt Keep it Simple! 
When you are confused about what to do, go back to the principle of simplicity. Do the simplest thing you can and go from there.
  3. Use the things you love—your best things—and eliminate anything that doesn’t speak to you.
Design NJ December 2017 / January 2018 Magazine Cover for The Triumph of Good Taste

Thanks Design NJ for your coverage of Marina Case of The Red Shutters!

Interested in finding out what other pro-tips Design NJ and Marina Case served up? Click on the article to read the rest!

A big thank you to Design NJ for featuring us in their Advice From a Pro column!



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Houzz Features The Red Shutters in 11 Sectional Sofas That Are the Ultimate in Comfort & Style

11 Sectional Sofas That Are the Ultimate in Comfort & Style

Houzz Feature Article: 11 Sectional Sofas That Are the Ultimate in Comfort & Style

A big thank you to Houzz for featuring our Cape Cod built in sectional in their: “11 Sectional Sofas That Are the Ultimate in Comfort & Style

We took extra care to be sure that this built-in seating area had spring down constructed cushions so it would feel more like a sofa rather than foam cushions placed on a bench. It was designed for long-term sitting to watch TV, read or even take a nap. We splashed it with comfy down pillows for color and a pop of fun. The color scheme is based on Farrow and Ball colors including Tallow and Pointing on the walls. The rich warm wood floors warm up the space and the views of the beach add the final touch.

Nothing beats being surrounded by books at the beach to bring on relaxation and inspiration all with comfort in mind. We prioritize comfort daily for our customers who tell us often that this is a top priority. How you sit, feel and enjoy a space matter. Be sure to comment below or contact us by calling 845-988-1840 if you would like to learn more!


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Design School Insider’s Guide: Sourcing Historic Textiles

A Designer’s education never ends—nor should it! We are always looking, seeing, and traveling—constantly sourcing inspiration from many places. Diving in at the D&D (Design and Decoration) building in New York is a great way to be inspired and see what is new and offered by the many showrooms. We love to share our knowledge on the history of where many of the fabrics and wallpapers have come from. If you love design and being around all that goes into it, join us and the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) on November 8, 2017, for our popular, affordable and inspirational 3-hour course, Insider’s Guide: Sourcing Historic Textiles Insider’s Guide: Sourcing Historic Textiles and Wallcoverings, which is open to anyone who registers.


Representing over 3,000 leading manufacturers, the Decoration and Design Building is known nationally and internationally as the world’s most important home to over 130 showrooms and stands as an invaluable resource for anyone who appreciates and has a passion for design.  It is hands down, the number one place to go for anyone needing or looking for design inspiration and information.  All designers in the metro area should make the time to go, especially those just getting their feet wet in the wonderful world of design.  For the past several years, we have collaborated with the New York School of Interior Design to provide first-hand access to the Design and Decoration Building through this course tour. Students meet with the experts and see first-hand where the originals came from as far back as the 18th century. Whether it is Fortuny from Venice, Pierre Frey from France, or Sanderson and Zoffany from the United Kingdom, you get to see, touch, feel and be inspired by these textile and wallpaper items up close.


Pierre Frey, Coutances Positif Rouge Toiles de Jouy

Be sure to sign up for our “Red List” on the home page of our web site to receive announcements regarding this and other fun design education news. Keep in mind that this course also makes a great gift which several of her students have been the lucky recipient of! The link at the bottom of this blog will take you directly to the NYSID sign up page!

Insider’s Guide: Sourcing Historic Textiles and Wallcoverings






Students experiencing Fortuny—the top quality luxury Venetian handmade fabrics for furnishing, interiors, and upholstery.

Pierre Frey, Mondes This series of hyperrealistic globes was painted by watercolorist Jean-Pierre Marladot. Earths and moons, loaned by a great collector blend together and ask only to spin around their axis!

Pierre Frey, Les Aeoronefs This design shows a group of flying machines taken from French engravings dating from 1770. It evokes the first hot-air ballon flights.

Fortuny Showroom. Students experiencing the top quality luxury Venetian handmade fabrics for furnishing, interiors and upholstery.


Insider’s Guide: Sourcing Historic Textiles and Wallcoverings



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