10 Ways to Have a Home that Makes You Happy

One of the best ways to have a happy life is to cultivate a happy home. It might sound trite, but it’s based on science. The space we spend time in plays a major role in our psychological well being. In fact, there’s an entire area of psychology, called Environmental Psychology, that focuses on the interaction between people and the design of a space – such as its lighting, colors, layout, scale, and materials – and the way it impacts how we feel. But you don’t need science to tell you this is true. Just think about how you feel in the different spaces you’re drawn to. You’ll realize there’s something about them that relaxes or invigorates you, or just makes you feel cozy and safe.

So how do you go about creating a home that exudes good vibes and puts a smile on your face? By designing it with intention for YOU! A space designed around your style and taste using the strategies below is one that will make you feel good.

Here Are 10 Simple Tips to Follow to Make Your Space More Joyful

1. Cheerful Colors

Color is a powerful mood-altering design element. Some colors just seem to evoke certain emotional responses:

Red – stimulating and energizing
Yellow – uplifting, illuminating, and playful
Orange – warmth and happiness
Green – balance, harmony, and stability
Blue – peace, calm, and serenity
Purple – creativity and spirituality

Choose a hue that will evoke the vibe you want for each space. Saturate the walls with it, bring it in through your larger furniture pieces, or incorporate a pop of the color through textiles or accent pieces.

Items with Meaning

2. Items with Meaning

Don’t just fill your space with the latest trends or items that look nice together in catalogs. Instead, incorporate pieces into your design that hold a special meaning to you, such as photos that harken happy memories, art from places you traveled, family heirlooms, treasured collections, or decor that simply sparks a special connection to a place or thing that you love.

3. Organic Elements

Nature grounds us, so bring the outdoors inside your home. Plants, organic nature prints, woven baskets, wood furniture, and linen textiles are calming and timeless.

Organic Elements
10 Simple Tips to Follow to Make Your Space More Joyful Light

4. Light

One of the most impactful design elements on mood is the lighting of a space. Boost natural light by strategically placing mirrors to reflect it throughout the room. In a space that doesn’t see much sun, opt for lighter window treatments to maximize sunlight. Layer the types of lighting in a space by mixing chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, table and task lighting, as well as recessed lighting. Each layer can help set a specific mood – from tasks to relaxation.

5. Cozy Items

Plush textiles are the perfect way to create a comforting, intimate vibe. Think lush carpets, fur or chenille blankets, and velvety soft pillows – anything that makes you want to curl up with a good book, catch a movie, or just chat.

Cozy Items

6. Continuity of Color

While you don’t need to use the same color scheme throughout your home, continuity of color is important with regard to the flow of one space into the next. Choose a color that connects your rooms. For example, you can use varying shades of a color in each room, whether that be the walls, a chair, a rug, pillows, window coverings, or an accent piece. This connection makes the home feel more peaceful.

7. Comfortable Furniture

Hard, uncomfortable furniture certainly won’t make you happy to spend time sitting on it! Invest in sofas and chairs with spring down cushions. They’re not too firm or too soft. Supportive, resilient, and downright comfy, you’ll be happy you opted for quality.


8. High Functioning Kitchen

We spend A LOT of time in our kitchens. This workhorse of a room is where we grab a quick cup of coffee, prep and eat daily meals, entertain family and friends – and even where kids plant themselves to do homework or we do some work ourselves. If you want to enjoy spending time in this space, it’s important to design each element to fit not just your style, but how you live.

9. Relaxing Retreats

Let’s face it, there are times we sure need to escape it all! So, it’s crucial to create personal havens in your home. The top key space is your bedroom. Make it welcoming and relaxing, whether that be through warm colors that envelope you or neutrals that calm your mind. Maybe it’s your bathroom where you like to unwind in a spa-like shower or soaking tub. Perhaps it’s a sunroom brimming with natural light and plants. Or a library filled with your favorite reads. It’s all about creating a space that speaks to what you need to breathe easier.


10. Wallpaper

At The Red Shutters, we love to use wallpaper in our designs. There’s just something cheerful about a lively print. Layering hues, patterns, and scales instantly transforms a space into a happy place.

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