The StyleCast: Anthony Baratta Talks Williamsburg

The influence of traditional American furniture and architecture is still relevant even to today’s design. There’s a certain beauty that accompanies these timeless places and pieces that can’t be replicated, but can be admired and implemented into current styles. Anthony Baratta is known for his bold use of color, his East Coast Chic, and unpredictability, but in this episode, he talks about his passion for timeless and traditional design. Marina and Anthony discuss the beauty of Williamsburg and how its effortless aesthetic has influenced design today. 

Show Highlights: 

  • The inspiration behind Anthony’s new designer in residence project 
  • What it’s like to live in Williamsburg 
  • The imprint that the history and beauty of Williamsburg leaves on people 
  • How living in Williamsburg has influenced Anthony’s life 
  • The process for costume designs 
  • The classic architecture and art of historical buildings  
  • Revisiting places with classic and traditional heritage 
  • Finding appreciation in American design 
  • Looking at the timeline of costume design 
  • The unique excitement of garden parties in Williamsburg 
  • Fun and entertaining things to do in Williamsburg 
  • The magic of consistency 
  • The beauty of brown and reproduction furniture 


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Let’s Head Outside! Five Pro Tips for Creating Stylish Outdoor Spaces!

I hope you are feeling Spring fever! It’s so exciting when the trees and flowers start blooming! It’s time to start thinking about setting up our outdoor spaces. Treating your outside as an extension of your house is a great start. I want to share with you my five pro tips for creating stylish spaces outdoors with a designers touch! Whether you love traditional, modern, or fun—be sure to try all of this at home!

Lane Venture furniture for outdoors

1. Use bright outdoor carpets to ground your space! A lively area rug will set a fun and festive tone.

Dash & Albert Diamond Rugs for Outdoors
Dash & Albert Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Area Rugs

2. Accent with bright pillows utilizing the colors from your carpet. This will help you design a cohesive color palette that defines your outdoor space to make it as welcoming as your interior ones.

Dash & Albert Pillows
Dash & Albert Links Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Pillows

3. Add lanterns to create illumination and a cozy mood! Carefully placed lighting will ensure that your summer festivities transition seamlessly from day to night.

Chelsea House Lattice Hurricane-Gold
Chelsea House Lattice Hurricane-Gold

4. Place porcelain Asian garden drums strategically for placing drinks and pulling up seats. You can even put a candle underneath to keep your bottom warm (ancient Chinese secret).

Garden drum stool for outdoors
Emissary House Round Garden Stool

5. Use trays for refreshments like lemonade! Yes, please!  I’ll take some. Trays make outdoor entertaining a breeze and have a variety of clever uses from serving to clean-up.

Spot Cheetah Tray for Outdoors
Emily McCarthy’s Spot Cheetah Square Tray
Marina's Signature
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The StyleCast: High Point Market 2018

In this episode of The StyleCast, Marina Case visits High Point Market, an iconic event that gives the design trade a sneak peak into the furniture, fabrics, colors patterns, and solutions that our clients and customers will be asking for.

In addition to these breakthrough goods and trade secrets, Market brings together dozens of amazing designers and friends from the USA and all over the World. One such designer is the wonderful Natalie Reddell (“Commander in Chic”). Natalie is a fantastic designer who’s also a master of social media. Natalie and the golden hashtag can change your life – or at least your online life!

In this podcast Marina chats with Natalie in the Mottahedeh Showroom in High Point, NC about all of the amazing things they discovered at Market. Listen now to get the inside scoop on the Highlights of their experience!

This episode of The StyleCast is sponsored by our amazing friends at Williamsburg.

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Interior Design Book Featuring Marina’s Work!

Book-Interiors-Inside-the-American-HomeThe Red Shutters is excited to announce that our Principal Designer Marina’s work is featured in a full chapter of the distinguished new book entitled Interiors: Inside the American Home.

The featured chapter illustrates a Cape Cod residence that she decorated for her wonderful clients beginning in 2015. The images in this chapter depict numerous charming rooms in their coastal, nautically-inspired residence, including the family room, dining area, upstairs library nook, bathrooms and more. Beyond Marina’s work, other chapters reveal exquisite contemporary interiors executed by many of today’s most prominent architects, designers, and decorators, including Robert A.M. Stern, Vicente Wolf Associates Inc., Glenn Gissler, and several other prominent New York designers and architects. These additional interiors reflect many stunning American locations and represent all four of the iconic decorating styles: traditional, modern, tribal and fun.

You can view the full project in our portfolio under Cape Cod Coastal. It was also published in Southern New England Home magazine in an article called, Luck of the Irish.

A limited edition of the book, Interiors featuring Marina’s custom cover, is available for sale at our retail storefront location in Warwick, N.Y.

Interiors lists for $40.00. As our customer you can purchase it online for $19.84. To access this discount of more than 50%, simply click the link below, register, and enter the promo code “interiors” at checkout.

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Interior Design Trend: Why Video Is on the Rise

A wise friend once told me that the key to maximizing your potential on film is to channel your “video energy.” He explained that the challenge of presenting your best self on camera has the power to inspire you to rise to a new level of engagement and interest.

Video Energy

I had always wanted to take my video skills to the next level, but I still wasn’t sure how. I watched instructional videos on YouTube and made practice clips like crazy. These were okay, but when I received a call to make a video home tour for a realtor, I knew I needed to switch into high gear! I binge-watched 40 episodes of Open House NYC featuring designers I admired to see how they had pulled it off. Then I feasted on a dozen classic episodes of “That Girl” — Marlo Thomas’s Ann Marie has always inspired my inner independent career gal — and voila, I was ready! The video appears at the bottom of this post for you to view.

This past spring I was invited to give a presentation at High Point on how I prepared for my video debut and what I learned. I was honored to be asked and excited to share my experience with other members of the design community. Throughout the presentation the group added their ideas to mine in a most exciting way. We talked about using Facebook live, Instagram and much more. It was an eye-opening experience that confirmed what I already believe to be true—people love seeing the real you on video!

In fact, video is so naturally engaging that many of us are drawn in almost without realizing it. Think about it—how many times has a product video helped you make a purchasing decision while shopping online? You aren’t alone—over 90% of online shoppers find that product videos are helpful in the decision process (I know I do!).

In this day of information overload, video offers the quickest and easiest way to get your point across and, conversely, understand someone else’s point. The research doesn’t lie—according to Forrester’s Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words in terms of how quickly it can get your point across.

Video is quickly becoming integral to the majority of our lives. Experts predict that by next year video will claim more than 80% of all web traffic. Why is that number so high? Because more than half of you would rather watch a video than read this blog post! If you find that you are one of the many in that boat, please take a moment and watch my very first foray into the wonderful world of video below!


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