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Marina Talks About Interior Design Process and Use of Color in Latest Issue of Hudson Valley Magazine

The bold color choices and lively wallpaper on the cover of the latest Issue of Hudson Valley Magazine are hallmarks of a Marina Case design. The Red Shutters’ principal designer is known for her use of color to create a vibe and evoke a mood. The project gracing the magazine’s cover, along with the images featured on the interior pages, showcase her ability to make an old space feel fresh and contemporary. Through the use of vibrant hues, she’s helping homeowners and businesses breathe new life into the region’s buildings, many of which date back centuries.

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Colorful Wallpaper

“I LOVE using wallpaper to create a ‘new, old house’,” says Marina. “Colorful, large scale patterns are beautiful and modern, but can still vibe with old architecture. They can make such a huge impact in a space. I’m particularly drawn to Thibaut’s extraordinary designs, which I used for the projects featured in the magazine. The company is always ahead of the trends, and I find that their product offers the highest wow factor for the money.”


Personalized Design Process

The article notes The Red Shutters’ design process, which is highly individualized based on the clients needs, desires, and unique story. Marina’s goal is to translate our client’s life experiences into spaces that gorgeously and memorably reflect them, whether that be through full-service design, collaboration, or expert advice.

“Working with Arek Kwapinski and Sylwia Kubasiak, owners of Old Stone House Inn and Warwick’s White House, both of which were featured in the magazine article, was a dream!” says Marina. “It was a true collaboration. They have such an eye for design and just needed direction with the color plan and wallpaper choices. With the color scheme as the backdrop, they were able to pull together so many of the furnishings themselves.”

This type of collaborative process really makes our agency unique, along with our secret sauce – a design that incorporates the following elements:

• Traditional – history related and classic
• Modern – from the 1950s to today
• Global – usually handmade or evoking a cultural vibe
• Fun – pops of color or unexpected items in a room that brings joy

The Interior Design-Mental Health Connection

Marina’s tenet on how closely interior design and mental health are connected was also highlighted in the article. Being raised by a mother who experienced mental health issues, Marina constantly rearranged her bedroom because she realized her space could be a source of comfort and security.

“I wanted my room to always feel positive, safe, and upbeat,” says Marina. “I recognized early on how my surroundings impacted my feelings. It has become my passion to create spaces where my clients find peace, joy, and comfort. The interior design-mental health connection is such an important one for me that I recently kicked off a blog series on the topic. Over the coming months, I will be sharing tips on how to turn your home into a sanctuary, how to achieve “feel good” interior design, and how to have a home that makes you happy.”

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About Marina Case

Years of experience and understanding of the history of design provides Marina with the ability to read each client so she can create spaces that truly reflect who they are. Marina, who has been honored as one of the Top 50 New York Designers, as well as a Houzz Influencer, has her pulse on the interior design industry. She stays on top of the latest trends, participates in a leading collaborative national network of designers, and frequently shares her creative and professional ideas with trade professionals.