Cool Looking Recliners

These Aren’t Your Grandfather’s Go To!

The last two years have transformed our homes into cocoons. Comfort, more than ever, is taking a front seat – literally. One area where there has been an uptick in prioritizing comfort over aesthetic is seating. We’re finding more and more of our clients are wanting to incorporate recliners into their designs.

They’re focused on a chair they can sink into and put their feet up while reading or watching a movie – often not caring if that chair is a bulky eyesore. What they don’t realize is that there are actually reclining chairs that don’t resemble your grandfather’s clunky go to!

We want to let you know that when it comes to recliners today, you don’t have to sacrifice design over function at all. Furniture manufacturers have created reclining chairs that exude style and seamlessly blend into a room.

Recliners Have Come a Long Way Over the Years

For many people, there’s nothing like a recliner to create a cozy space to relax and unwind. Luckily, manufacturers have taken note of trending customer form and function needs and have developed reclining chairs that are equal parts comfy and stylish. Whether you lean modern or traditional, mid-century or transitional, there are recliners that will fit your style – and the available options will blow your mind:

Material: Leather, tweed, velvet, linen – you have a large variety of textures and patterns to pick from across manufacturers.

Size: Small and sleek to overstuffed, simply select the size that fits your room best.

Reclining Abilities:
Manual push back, power back, power recline + articulating headrest, power lift or power recline – so many choices. Plus, for power recliners you can choose from controls within the seat itself, a remote control, and even bluetooth wireless technology.

Type: 3-way recliner, wall hugger, tilt-back, swivel, glider, swivel glider or lift, it all comes down to your purpose, available space, and what you find comfortable.

: Depending upon the manufacturer, you can also customize your cushions.

Click here for pdf of some styles/ colors we love.

“Recliners are super popular right now, and this is spanning across all ages.”

says Marina Case, The Red Shutters principal designer.

“I have clients in their 60s who are looking to invest in a high quality recliner that they will be relaxing in for the next 20 years, as well as those in their 30s who just want something to kick back in after a long day.

And they are shocked when I show them options that just look like regular chairs. They thought they were going to have to give up style for comfort.”

The mood board, at left,  demonstrates how we incorporated recliner options in a room design for one of our clients.

From sleek lines to chic upholstery to cushions that contour and support the body, we’re sure you can find a cool looking and extremely comfortable recliner for your next design project.

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