Home Décor Color Trends for 2022 – Go Bold

After spending so much time isolated in our homes the last two years, we’re emerging with a yearning for color to invoke happy vibes. At The Red Shutters, we routinely mastermind with other interior designers across the country and one home decor trend we’re all seeing is an increased demand for bold, vibrant color. Monotone beige rooms are fading in the background and lively hues are taking center stage.

Just look at the Pantone Color of the Year 2022 – Very Peri. It’s a vibrant, almost purple shade of blue the company refers to as the “happiest and warmest of all the blue hues.” It’s no coincidence that this year marks the first time the company created an entirely new color for its color of the year instead of choosing one from its existing collection. We believe it speaks volumes to our shifting moods, wants and expectations.

And Pantone isn’t the only one going bold. Krylon also went with a vibrant shade for its 2022 color: a bright teal called Satin Rolling Surf.

While color may be making a comeback, it’s a hallmark of a The Red Shutters design.

“I love to use color to create the unexpected in a room,” says Marina Case, principal designer at The Red Shutters. “Using pops of bold colors achieves that element of surprise.”

Our Portfolio, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages, along with our Houzz account, are popping with examples of how we incorporate lively paint colors, bold wallpaper patterns and colorful décor pieces to infuse fun energy into a space.

“Embracing deep or vibrant color doesn’t mean you need to saturate it. Infuse it based on your personality. If you like lots of color, use it for the walls or furniture statement pieces,” suggests Marina. “If you’re a bit timid about going so bold, bring color into your space through pillows, linens, rugs, throws or accessories.”

A Recent Design Project that Embraces Bold Color Choices

We worked with Sylwia Kubasiak and Arek Kwapinski – the owners of an historical compound in Warwick, New York that houses three amazing new business establishments – to create spaces that immediately welcome you with fun, colorful interiors.

Warwick’s White House

This charming Airbnb exudes drama and positive energy thanks to its bold wallpaper choices. The patterns anchor the décor of the interior spaces, which while date back to 1767 feel fresh for 2022. Each colorful pattern for Warwick’s White House was carefully selected so that they not only make a statement, but complement each other and create movement from room to room. The choices resonated so much with the fashion company Frances Valentine that it used the building for its Spring 2021 catalog photoshoot. Airbnb guests are also enjoying the vibes, saying things on the listing like:
• As a couple of New Yorkers looking to get away for the weekend, we loved the funky wallpaper and decoration as it was on theme.
• This house is beautifully renovated and styled. The wallpaper is fantastic.
• The house is so unique. Every room is beautifully decorated and has so much personality.
• The house has so much character.
• The decor is fantastic and felt magical.


Old Stone House Inn

The quaint stone structure that now houses the amazing Old Stone House Inn restaurant was built back in 1773 by Revolutionary War General John Hathorn. Our interior design for the space lovingly pays homage to the building’s history while simultaneously exuding a modern, luxurious feel where guests want to linger. There are so many different areas, each imbued with warm color, where you can unwind as you enjoy a crafted cocktail or delicious meal. This project is definitely an example of #historywithstyle, which The Red Shutters is known for. From what we have read on the business’ social media and from Google reviews, guests are enjoying the atmosphere:

• Beautiful, cozy and intimate
• The décor is unique and fun.
• Every room is a different vibe from the tables to the wall designs and decorations. My favorite place is the tropical room because of how fresh and how nature like it looks.
• It’s obviously the new Darling of the town! Everything is great about this place. The dining, decor, ambiance, drinks! There are rooms on top to hang out while you wait for your table and enjoy your drinks. It felt very clubby and chic.

The Dining Room at Old Stone House Inn & Restaurant
The Bar at Old Stone House Inn & Restaurant
The Office at Old Stone House Inn & Restaurant
History Room at Old Stone House Inn & Restaurant

The Red House

The latest building to undergo renovations on the compound is The Red House. Another Airbnb project, The Red House has fabulous multi-functional rooms infused with color and fun, bold patterns.

The Red House, Warwick NY
The Red House, Warwick NY

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