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Houzz Dining Rooms Feature

We love an inviting dining space. It just makes you and your guests feel welcome. And this dining room project that Houzz featured in one of their articles evokes a cozy, enveloping atmosphere. It’s an eclectic mix of styles and pieces (new, old, vintage and second hand) that weaves in pops of bold colors and patterns in a contemporary way while simultaneously honoring the period of the home, which dates back to the 1700’s. The result is a modern, comfortable and up to date space where you’ll want to hold lots of gatherings!

Behind the Room’s Design

The owners of this Warwick, New York Airbnb called Warwick’s White House wanted to create a space with high impact and lots of color – which tends to be a frequent request that we’re happy to deliver on.

We’re fans of bold hues that make a statement, which you can tell just by scrolling through our Facebook, Instagram and Houzz pages. And our wallpaper selection hit the mark for this project. The organic pattern and color breathes life into the room. This bold wallcovering choice is not only right on trend, it also resembles a style that might have been used in the 18th century, giving a nod to the 1767 Georgian home’s history.

“Colors in England, which influenced the Colonies, were often bright because of the rainy and cloudy climate,” says Marina Case, The Red Shutters principal designer. “Also, color was harder to control because of limited supplies, so often it was a bit more intense than the many options and more subtle shades that we have today.”

We also honored the owners’ request for a more eclectic style that looks like it has been curated over time by layering the room with a combination of vintage and new furniture and accessories. The design truly marries history with style, which is a hallmark of The Red Shutters. View our Warwick’s White House portfolio to see photos of the entire project and how we used vibrant and fun wallpaper patterns to create flow from room to room.

Houzz is a top source for homeowners looking for design inspiration. After all, it has millions and millions of ideas complete with fabulous photos and tips from interior design pros. We love to help spread inspiration on The Red Shutters Houzz page and are honored when Houzz staff reaches out to us for our thoughts on the latest trends and design advice. Marina’s advice for this article on stylish dining rooms, “Be bold in your choices!”

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About Marina Case

Years of experience and understanding of the history of design provides Marina with the ability to read each client so she can create spaces that truly reflect who they are. Marina, who has been honored as one of the Top 50 New York Designers, as well as a Houzz Influencer, has her pulse on the interior design industry. She stays on top of the latest trends, participates in a leading collaborative national network of designers, and frequently shares her creative and professional ideas with trade professionals.