Interior Design Based on Personality Is What Makes a House a Home

If you want your house to feel like a home, your interior design choices should reflect who you are. At The Red Shutters, we’re all about creating spaces that truly feel like your own. By incorporating your personality, we develop designs that are authentically you!
How do we do it? By utilizing colors, patterns, and decor pieces that resonate with you on many levels and across varying moods, to create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation, happiness, and a sense of belonging. Your personality is considered in every design choice, from paint colors and floor coverings to furniture selection and placement to artwork and window treatments.

When designing your home’s interior, think of it as a canvas for showcasing your personality.

Ask yourself questions like:
• What colors make me feel calm or invigorate me?
• What type of art am I drawn to?
• Am I more traditional, modern, or transitional?
• What hobbies or interests do I enjoy?
• What types of textures make me feel happy?
• How does lighting impact my mood?

Let your answers guide your design. If you’re feeling stuck, the “personalities” below may spark some inspiration.

The Chef’s Kiss

If cooking is a passion, let your personality shine through in the kitchen. Showcase great looking cookware, an extensive cookbook collection, vintage glassware, or fabulous serving platters. Create a room where you want to spend time making fabulous meals and enjoy them surrounded by your favorite items.

The Reader

For those who want nothing more than to curl up on the couch and escape in a good book, creating a space where you can relax with the next great read is essential. Let your favorite hardcovers and paperbacks serve as the foundation of your decor alongside comfy seating and the right lighting.

Color Me Happy

Color is powerful when it comes to design. It can evoke calm or boost energy levels. Pick the colors that make you happy and either make them the star of the show or use them in pops of accents – whatever puts a smile on your face.

Backyard BBQ

Enjoy spending time dining al fresco? Then extend your living space to a deck or patio and treat it as you would any interior dining space. Add your personality to its design through the furniture, textiles, plant pots, lighting, and decor. Then amp up the ambiance with a fire pit or fireplace, patterned rug, inviting lanterns, and lush greenery.

Family & Friends

When spending time gathering with loved ones is a priority, then creating a dining space where everyone feels welcomed and enveloped is a necessity. Warm tones, comfortable seating, and ambient lighting set the mood for lingering meals, and personal touches like photographs make for memorable times.

I’d Rather Be Outdoors

If you’d rather spend your time out in nature, create ways to bring the outdoors in. Use colors like greens and blues which mimic the trees, grass, and sky. Forego, or use minimal, window coverings to let the landscape serve as a part of your design. Place a mirror so that it reflects the nature outside the window and incorporate artwork that showcases the natural elements.


Remote Worker

The right home workspace can get those creative juices flowing and boost productivity. So, focus on more than just a desk and a chair where you can get work done. Create an environment where you’ll be inspired and motivated. Consider the color that will boost your energy levels and storage solutions to help you stay organized, along with art and objects that will help you keep connected and an ergonomic chair so you’re comfortable.

The Beach Bum

Living for the sun on your face and the sand between your toes? Then design a space that makes summertime living easy! Incorporate an area where fun, vibrant towels are conveniently placed to grab and go at the ready and pack a colorful punch until you need them. Continue the relaxed vibes elsewhere in the home with casual layering of easy to care for fabrics, laidback rattan or wicker furniture, and coastal hues.

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There are so many ways in addition to pattern to breathe fresh life into a home. View my Portfolio to see more examples of my interior design projects and follow us on Instagram for more interior design inspiration.


About Marina Case

Years of experience and understanding of the history of design provides Marina with the ability to read each client so she can create spaces that truly reflect who they are. Marina, who has been honored as one of the Top 50 New York Designers, as well as a Houzz Influencer, has her pulse on the interior design industry. She stays on top of the latest trends, participates in a leading collaborative national network of designers, and frequently shares her creative and professional ideas with trade professionals.