Interior Design Industry Delays and Challenges


In a year when we became almost suspended in time, so many of us looked around our homes and decided it was time for a little (or in some cases a lot) of updating. Thankfully, designers shifted almost effortlessly to virtual consultations and project management. Without even skipping a beat, rooms were designed, walls were painted, window treatments measured for, product was ordered, and then…the delays.

Where’s my Sofa?

It is time to talk about the elephant in the room.

Yes, the delays are real, and no, they do not have to interfere with your dreams of new design.

The design industry is not immune to bumps in the road and this year there have been many. From shipping delays, to foam shortages. Lack of shipping containers, too few transport drivers. Overseas suppliers unable to keep up with demand, to companies dropping fabrics and merchandise from their lines almost weekly.

Our first piece of advice if you are planning to order products and are on a time frame; start the process early. Like six to eight months early.

It is important that we source the pieces and order them expeditiously so that there are no surprises with pieces here today and gone tomorrow. Once your orders are in the manufacturer’s queue, everything else begins.


Finishing your project during the pandemic will require patience.

We feel you, and we hear your frustration. Everything feels more complicated now. Our goal is to work together to make the process as seamless as possible. We are confident that with patience and clear communication your project will be completed in a timely manner and with minimal stress. We will make sure of it.

These are temporary bumps which have provided us the time to work a bit differently.

We’ve discovered we absolutely love and have become quite adept at working virtually. This alone helps us take advantage of seizing the moment as it becomes available rather than after it has passed. We invite you to visit our website and to book a discovery call to learn more about how we can work together to bring your design project to life.

Everything we will do while we wait

Carpets, window treatments, most fabrics, and wallpaper are all available with minimal wait times. Let’s collaborate to bring new colors into the space, or add depth and texture with wallpaper. It’s amazing what a difference the details make. We love providing our clients with concept boards to showcase all of the options for their design.

If you just cannot wait for new upholstery pieces to arrive, why not let us guide you towards the perfect gently used frame and have it masterfully recovered in the fabrics of your choice! Not only will you have a one of a kind piece, you will also be helping the environment in the process!

Have you considered a gallery wall?
Updated lighting?
Runners for your hallways and stairs?
New art or accessories?
Maybe even renovating your kitchen or a bathroom?

All are within reach in a timely manner.

Why not let this pause be the silver lining that teaches us to slow down, pay closer attention to the details, and enjoy the process of creating the home or space of your dreams.

Along the way we will provide weekly updates of your project and products ordered. We will work with you to assure your painting is completed, wallpaper is hung, lighting is delivered, any accessory spaces or gallery walls are completed and before you know it your manufactured pieces will be white glove delivered to your home for you to enjoy with family and friends for many years to come.

Contributed by Janine Brousseau

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