Design Project for the Owners of Glenmere Mansion & Spa


Anyone who has visited the award-winning Glenmere Mansion & Spa nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley town of Chester, New York, is immediately taken in by its stunning architecture and welcoming tasteful design. This luxury hotel exudes the warmth and sophistication of its owners, Alan Stenberg and Dan DeSimone. The two men are no strangers to renovations. They transformed the boutique hotel from a crumbling, neglected property to its current magnificent structure and grounds. They also completely renovated their previous Tuxedo Park weekend residence, a project I was a part of as well. So, when the two reached out to me to assist them with the interior design of their personal residence, which is located on the hotel’s 150-acre estate, I was honored to help this worldly couple transform the existing interior space into a cozy and inviting gentlemen’s cottage.

A Collaborative Design Partnership

This project is the perfect example of successful collaborative decorating. There are some clients that simply have incredible taste and an impeccable eye, as well as a vast array of existing décor items to incorporate into the design. These types of clients just need someone to guide selections and pull everything together aesthetically. Alan and Dan fall into this category.

The highly design-savvy men already owned incredible pieces and collections – from furniture, rugs and lighting to artwork and accessories. Transforming this house into a home to which they could retreat after a long workday entailed culling through rooms and rooms worth of design pieces. Working together, we edited the items they accumulated through the years, selecting the optimal pieces for each room in the home based on desired style and scale.

Some renovating was also part of the home’s transformation. The kitchen and bathrooms were completely remodeled and custom millwork was installed throughout the residence. Care was taken to pay homage to the age of the building and create design features that complemented and highlighted the homeowner’s collections.

Living Room Design

Once the furniture pieces were selected for the living room, they were reupholstered in a stately gentlemen’s fabric. Millwork was installed to bring additional visual interest to the space. Layers of lighting warm the room and the carefully designed layout induces conversation.

Glenmere Mansion Cottage, Chester NY

Newly Designed Kitchen and Dining Room

As mentioned above, the kitchen underwent a complete renovation. The light cabinetry, which opens the room, is beautifully balanced by the owners’ reupholstered dining set, chandelier, vintage items, collections and antiques. The coffered ceiling and colorful floor covering anchor the formal dining room. The result – chic spaces for a relaxed dinner or intimate affair.


A Traditional, Yet Updated, Library

The library is the ideal escape where the owners can curl up with a good read. The comfy chair and sofa were recovered to complement the welcoming, worn leather chair and the swing sconces were placed high atop the built-in moldings for perfect reading illumination.

The Master Retreat

The master bedroom’s interior design is all about the textiles. From the upholstered headboard and bedding to the chairs and window treatments to the rug – which adds a pop of color – everything about this room is meant to envelop you.

The Red Shutters Glenmere Bathroom detail

Designing a First Impression

The interior design choices for the foyer give guests a glimpse into the homeowners’ style aesthetic the minute they walk through the door. Care was taken to artfully place pieces to keep drawing the eye up to something unexpected. Along the journey you are taken from the rug to the sofa to artwork to the antlers to, finally, the expansive hide drawn over the stair railing. Every step in the journey is a vision to behold.

Each room of this gentlemen’s cottage was designed with every other room in mind to create a cohesive look that truly expresses the incredible style this couple exudes in everything they do.


“Marina Case is not only a brilliant and engaging interior design professional but she is a wonderful, honest and loyal friend who has come to be an integral part of our Glenmere Mansion family.”
~ Alan Stenberg, Owner/Innkeeper of Glenmere Mansion & Spa

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About Marina Case

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