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Imagine our delight when while leisurely perusing The New York Times one morning we discovered The Manse, the home of our principal designer, Marina Case, featured in an article titled Warwick, NY: A Hudson Valley Town That’s Under the Radar written by C.J. Hughes. The article explores how stunning older homes dot the neighborhoods of the bucolic town with numerous houses and buildings included on the National Register of Historic Places – and The Manse is one of them.

This home, which dates back to 1840, stands proud on Warwick’s main thoroughfare – Maple Avenue – steeped in rich history. The property on which the Manse is located was originally donated by the Johnson family, who made their fortune in orchards and hard cider, to the Dutch Reformed Church. The Manse became the parsonage to the church, which was on the adjacent property and now sits down the street from the home.

This special building, however, was so much more than merely a home for the church’s minister. The Manse served as a main gathering center for the community and is known for entertaining distinguished guests, including Geronimo during our country’s attempt to quell the American Indian situation prior to World War I.

It is also interesting to note that the inviting, sunny parlor on the south side of the home was specifically designed for the holding of donation parties, which were an essential feature of the social life of the church. You can learn more about this special home in The Halcyon Days; The Historic Homes of Warwick, New York, and the Families that Breathed Life into Them by Jean Beattie May.

“It fills me with pride to know that my home adds to the historical charm of Warwick and that being recognized as significant in American history it will be preserved for years to come,” says Marina. To see The Manse project portfolio, click here.

Have you ever visited Warwick, NY? If you have, we’d love to know what you liked about our charming little town.

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