Five Pro Tips for Creating Stylish Outdoor Spaces!

I hope you are feeling Spring fever! It’s so exciting when the trees and flowers start blooming! It’s time to start thinking about setting up our outdoor spaces. Treating your outside as an extension of your house is a great start. I want to share with you my five pro tips for creating stylish spaces outdoors with a designers touch! Whether you love traditional, modern, or fun—be sure to try all of this at home!

1. Use bright outdoor carpets to ground your space! A lively area rug will set a fun and festive tone.

Dash & Albert Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Area Rugs

2. Accent with bright pillows utilizing the colors from your carpet. This will help you design a cohesive color palette that defines your outdoor space to make it as welcoming as your interior ones.

Dash & Albert Links Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Pillow

3. Add lanterns to create illumination and a cozy mood! Carefully placed lighting will ensure that your summer festivities transition seamlessly from day to night.

Chelsea House Lattice Hurricane-Gold
Chelsea House Lattice Hurricane

4. Place porcelain Asian garden drums strategically for placing drinks and pulling up seats. You can even put a candle underneath to keep your bottom warm (ancient Chinese secret).

Emissary House Round Garden Stool
Emissary House Round Garden Stool

5. Use trays for refreshments like lemonade! Yes, please!  I’ll take some. Trays make outdoor entertaining a breeze and have a variety of clever uses from serving to clean-up.

Emily McCarthy’s Spot Cheetah Square Tray
Emily McCarthy’s Spot Cheetah Square Tray

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