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photo: Nadine Tlili

The Red Shutters mantra is #HistoryWithStyle. We just love the incredible architectural elements that are commonly found in older homes, such as wide mouldings, original mantels, bold banisters, and patinaed floors. Our designs focus on preserving the architectural integrity of these features while creating a fresh space that vibes with the history of the home and meets the demands of today’s busy and tech-infused lifestyles.

One of our go to brands for bringing our designs together is WILLIAMSBURG. We use them constantly in our projects. From fabric, paint and wallpaper to bedding and decor, with their products we’re able to beautifully blend historic inspiration with modern influences to create welcoming living spaces. WILLIAMSBURG’s collections are inspired from the hands-on traditions of 18th-century artisans with details drawn from the archives of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Rather than merely replicate, the company produces contemporary takes on the patterns and designs of centuries passed.

Plus, when you make a purchase from WILLIAMSBURG, you’re helping to preserve an aspect of American history that could otherwise be lost. Sales proceeds go towards the preservation, research, and educational programs of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, which is the largest living history museum in the United States. The products combined with their mission makes WILLIAMSBURG a go to brand at The Red Shutters.

photo of Marina: Nadine Tlili

Marina Case, The Red Shutters principal designer and a brand partner for Williamsburg, was featured on the home page of their new website.

“I’m honored to support WILLIAMSBURG in leading the design community and colleagues in integrating products that help our work come alive in creating history with style,” says Marina. “I believe the brand’s funding of Colonial Williamsburg is a great way to raise awareness of our nation’s history so that future generations of designers can continue in the traditions of our nation and forefathers.”

As Kiri Franco, Director of WILLIAMSBURG, has noted, Marina has been a strong advocate of the foundation.

I count myself as very fortunate in having the opportunity to partner with [Marina] on various initiatives—she has been an advocate for the education and support of our foundation from day one, and has really taken on the role of a brand ambassador with enthusiasm and passion. As a prominent industry designer, she’s been able to connect our brand with other designers and key contacts in the market, and has helped drive some exciting marketing.”

For Marina, the WILLIAMSBURG connection has recently come full circle. The creation of Colonial Williamsburg was largely funded by the philanthropy of the Rockefeller family. Not only did John D. Rockefeller, Jr. provide financial backing, his wife Abigail Aldridge Rockefeller donated significant art pieces she had collected through the years. Those art donations later evolved into the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum at Colonial Williamsburg. The values of preservation and sustainability have been passed on through the generations. Marina is currently working with Abigail’s granddaughter, Abby Rockefeller, on a sustainability project of her own known as Churchtown Dairy. Stay tuned for info and photos of the design the two are collaborating on.

Below are two of our designs that incorporate WILLIAMSBURGH products.

In this room, we used a Global Views Mirror from WILLIAMSBURGH.

The Red Shutters-Marina Case Featured Image

Below, we papered the ceiling with a wallpaper called Parterre, which was created in collaboration with WILLIAMSBURG and York Wallcovering. The blue paint we chose for the project, Mayo Teal, is a collaboration between WILLIAMSBURGH and Benjamin Moore.

The Bar at Old Stone House Inn & Restaurant

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Years of experience and understanding of the history of design provides Marina with the ability to read each client so she can create spaces that truly reflect who they are. Marina, who has been honored as one of the Top 50 New York Designers, as well as a Houzz Influencer, has her pulse on the interior design industry. She stays on top of the latest trends, participates in a leading collaborative national network of designers, and frequently shares her creative and professional ideas with trade professionals.