Putnam County Interior Design Project in Progress

Designing spaces that seamlessly flow from one room to the next for a cohesive vibe is our specialty. So, when we’re retained to design an entire home from scratch, we can’t wait to dive into the fresh canvas. And that’s just what we did for a family who had recently renovated their weekend getaway in Cold Spring, New York. We are charged with creating a home that would not only be a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life in New York City, but also one that would be ideal for Airbnb guests. We’re thrilled with how it’s coming together. Here’s a peek at the progress.

Palette Inspo

The colors for this home’s design were drawn from its location and the vibe of our client’s main residence. Sitting on a lot overlooking the Hudson River, the home is surrounded by the verdant hues of the natural landscape and the body of water that runs through it.

Taking the lead from nature’s paintbox and our client’s NYC apartment, we focused on blues, camel tans, and cinnamons, repeating variations of these tones throughout the textiles, wallpaper, and accessories, as shown in this video, click here.

Strategic Use of Wallpaper

Our clients had already selected neutral paint, which serves as the perfect backdrop for the very high impact wallpaper we opted to strategically use. We chose a bold, colorful Anna French print by Thibaut for the entry, as well as enhanced a headboard wall in one of the bedrooms using a more muted pattern from Cowtan & Tout. Using wallpaper as an accent rather than installing it in an entire room is a very cost-effective way to create drama and interest.

Furniture that Fits the Space and Feel

Size matters when it comes to design. That’s why whenever we are involved in the furniture selection, we always create a drawing of a room to determine proper scale and layout.

We selected 70% of the furniture for this project, so drawings were a necessity for most of the spaces.

Below is our original drawing for the one bedroom, together with some photos of the rooms in progress.

As you can see, we opted for neutral window coverings to let the lush landscape be the focal point.

The intentional repetitive use of the red, tans, and blues creates a cozy and calming environment.

These neutral queen beds in the downstairs bedroom set a tranquil tone ready for slumber after a long day out in nature – but we will be livening them up a bit with the bedding choices.

Breathing Life into the Space with Accessories

We’re making a big impact with our accessory choices, especially the colorful lamps and pillows, which are a huge design element in this home. Almost every room will be brought to life with these colorful textiles.

The artwork, which we have just started installing, has also been carefully curated to make a statement.

I am thrilled to be working on a home that overlooks the Hudson River, which is so dear to me,” says Marina Case, our principal designer.

“I live within walking distance to the river myself and am always taken aback by its splendor. To be working on a home that directly overlooks this inspirational body of water is a delight and privilege, and I can’t wait to complete everything for these wonderful home owners to enjoy.”

We are still waiting on some final touches, so be sure to check back for the final reveal of this Putnam County interior design project!

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