Interior Styling Immersion

About Styling Immersion

This highly-focused and collaborative package is an accessible way to acquire a designer’s eye for your space. You’ll receive the professional guidance and direction you need to pull your room or small design project together.

Styling Immersion clients received my expertise in:

• Furniture and home decor selection and placement
• Fixtures, finishes, and trims – chosen or advised
• Color and/or fabric selections
• Stores and brands that accommodate your style and budget
• Styling (surfaces, walls, sofas, beds, etc.)

My fun and efficient Styling Immersion package is perfect for you if you:

• Just moved into a new place and want to work room by room
• Have never worked with a designer, or unsure if you are ready to work with one
• Are excited about shopping and choosing items for your home
• Have specifics needs for a room
• Want to make the most of your limited budget

How It Works

Book your Immersion package. If you are unsure that this package is right for you or have any questions, please schedule a FREE Discovery Call to chat with my team.

We have our initial call. You’ll loop me in on your goals, budget, anticipated challenges, and anything else we’ll need to dive in. At the end of our call, you’ll start leveraging what you’ve learned by completing the assigned pre-work I’ll need to prepare for our next immersion session.

It’s time to dive in with our 2-hour Styling Immersion session. I offer these:
• Virtually: Meet with me via ZOOM to receive professional design advice and styling of your space.
• Showroom: Don’t second guess yourself at the showroom. Bring me along to elevate your experience and ensure confidence in your choices.
• Your Home: What better place to work together than right at the place where the action will happen?
Note: Showroom & Your Home limited to local Styling Immersion clients only.

At the end of our 2-hour Immersion Session, you’ll have what you need to start implementing your design styling. You’ll continue to receive email support around what we discuss for 30 days after our Immersion Session. I’ll check in each week for a bit to make sure you’re all set and if you need to, we can always schedule a brief wrap-up call. Interior Styling Immersion Packages are offered in a limited capacity each month. Click here to get on my calendar and let’s style your space together!