The StyleCast: Anthony Baratta Talks Williamsburg

The influence of traditional American furniture and architecture is still relevant even to today’s design. There’s a certain beauty that accompanies these timeless places and pieces that can’t be replicated, but can be admired and implemented into current styles. Anthony Baratta is known for his bold use of color, his East Coast Chic, and unpredictability, but in this episode, he talks about his passion for timeless and traditional design. Marina and Anthony discuss the beauty of Williamsburg and how its effortless aesthetic has influenced design today. 

Show Highlights: 

  • The inspiration behind Anthony’s new designer in residence project 
  • What it’s like to live in Williamsburg 
  • The imprint that the history and beauty of Williamsburg leaves on people 
  • How living in Williamsburg has influenced Anthony’s life 
  • The process for costume designs 
  • The classic architecture and art of historical buildings  
  • Revisiting places with classic and traditional heritage 
  • Finding appreciation in American design 
  • Looking at the timeline of costume design 
  • The unique excitement of garden parties in Williamsburg 
  • Fun and entertaining things to do in Williamsburg 
  • The magic of consistency 
  • The beauty of brown and reproduction furniture 


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