The Triumph of Good Taste —Tips from a Pro!

You too can bring good taste into your home!

The House in Good Taste (1913), by Elsie de Wolfe, a classic of Interior Decorating Literature

Searching for timeless tips to guide your own personal home decor? Well, no need to look any further than Design NJ Magazine’s recent article, The Triumph of Good Taste—Tips from a Pro featuring Marina Case of The Red Shutters. The article highlights how Marina’s  professional journey grew and was defined by Elsie de Wolfe’s 1913 book, The House in Good Taste.

Elsie de Wolfe was a pioneer in the field of interior design, and her story inspired Marina’s own career transformation expanding outwards from a stay-at-home-mom and hobby decorator, into a full-fledged interior designer.

The article features Marina’s (and deWolfe’s!) top tips for bringing good taste into your home. It’s hard to pick, but our top-three favorite key takeaways from the list are:

  1. Fit the decorations and furnishings to the house and the requirements of those who live there.
  2. When it doubt Keep it Simple! 
When you are confused about what to do, go back to the principle of simplicity. Do the simplest thing you can and go from there.
  3. Use the things you love—your best things—and eliminate anything that doesn’t speak to you.
Design NJ December 2017 / January 2018 Magazine Cover for The Triumph of Good Taste

Thanks Design NJ for your coverage of Marina Case of The Red Shutters!

Interested in finding out what other pro-tips Design NJ and Marina Case served up? Click on the article to read the rest!

A big thank you to Design NJ for featuring us in their Advice From a Pro column!



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  1. David Brandt says:

    My words are not enough to express the admiration we have for Marina and her designs. She has bloomed in her profession in many beautiful ways.

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