Top 5 Takeaways from High Point Spring Market 2023

We just got back from our annual trip to High Point Spring Market, which is one of the biggest events of the year for the interior design industry. It was a whirlwind week of immersion in the latest trends for 2023. We walked, and walked, and walked some more – over 11.5 million square feet of showroom space featuring around 2,000 exhibitors! – and sat in on some fabulous panels to get a pulse for what’s hot right now. We returned with plenty of inspiration to pour into our client projects

Here are our top five trend takeaways from the market

1. Blues

We saw a lot more blue than we’ve ever seen in the past. It seemed like no matter where we turned, we were met with water, denim, and coastal inspirations. From pottery and lamps to textiles, mirrors and artwork, hues of blue were everywhere. America’s most popular color definitely made a strong showing.

“I’ve long been drawn to blue because of the positive effect the color has on your mood,” says Marina Case, The Red Shutters principal designer. “Depending upon the shade, it can bring a calm and natural element into a space, or a pop of color that boosts the room’s energy. So, I was excited to see all the new products I can pull from for my clients.”

2. Sanctuaries

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know we’ve been stressing the importance of transforming your home into a sanctuary where you can seek comfort and re-energize. It appears this design focus is currently a popular one.

“With design and mental health being such an important topic for me, I was thrilled when the Sherwin Williams panel discussed immersing a space in a sanctuary palette of soft pastels to help us disconnect from life’s daily stressors and connect with our emotions,” says Marina.

3. Surrealism

As we strolled the showrooms, we came upon samples of surrealism, both in artwork and color choices, that explore the dream world. “The current culture, which is rife with political discord, divisiveness, gun violence, polarization and more, has us saying time and again that we are living in a very surreal time. So, it was quite apropos to find art to express how we are feeling,” says Marina. “We saw surrealism making its way into design through scale and a pop of the unexpected.”

4. Confectionary Colors

A satisfying neutral can be so grounding in design. This year, bon bon colors are elevating the everyday experience: think rich caramels with warm brown sugars. The floors were brimming with wicker – everything from lighting to furniture – and we spotted rattan being used in more contemporary ways, such as inset in a settee. Wood tones were definitely making their mark with updated looks, like a clean-lined four poster bed.

5. Return to Traditional Elements

“As someone whose formula for design incorporates traditional, modern, global, and fun, I was thrilled to see a big return to traditional elements at this year’s market,” says Marina. “More traditional rug patterns to ground a room, colorful decor to add a bit of whimsy, and wall murals to bring a large layer of visual interest.” We also saw elements being incorporated in fresh, fun ways, such as placing traditional prints, like those of Liberty London and William Morris, on modern pieces.

After visiting the market, we know we’ll continue to be using traditional art and decor pieces in our designs, along with bold colors, as well as a softness and delicateness – all while still balancing our renowned formula.

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About Marina Case

Years of experience and understanding of the history of design provides Marina with the ability to read each client so she can create spaces that truly reflect who they are. Marina, who has been honored as one of the Top 50 New York Designers, as well as a Houzz Influencer, has her pulse on the interior design industry. She stays on top of the latest trends, participates in a leading collaborative national network of designers, and frequently shares her creative and professional ideas with trade professionals.