Tour of the dazzling D&D celebrates two great anniversaries! 

Hello it’s from Marina Case of The Red Shutters. Earlier this month the ASID celebrated its 40th anniversary at the same party where the D&D Building celebrated its 50th anniversary! We started with a tour which caused me to realize that I didn’t know the D&D Building half as well as I thought I did. Under the watchful guidance of ASID President, Robin Baron we saw all kinds of surprises!  For example, the line of fabric shown below can be ordered in any color of your choice. You choose from these hanging panels at the John Rosselli beautifully redesigned showroom . There are at least 4 huge racks of colors to choose from!

Here are some glimpses of the new vignettes and rooms at the John Roselli Showroom.The Roselli staff is there to help you tell your story something we at The Red Shutters steadfastly encourage.

They have some of my favorite tortoise patterned furniture and accessories.

And their carpet selections are very cool with a uniquely rich array of gross point textures.

Another great find was The Silver Peacock, the only tabletop source in the building. So if you can’t get to downtown NYC to the gift building you can choose your favorite china, crystal, flatware, bedding, throws and more at this very fun source. Many of their items are are from small privately held companies which means you can put together special tables with items your guests have never seen before. I love to help my clients learn how to entertain and set their tables which makes this an awesome and special find!

Robin Baron the great ASID fearless leader agrees!  

Another special find for incredible quality organic modern furniture was Biasi Catani on the 8th floor …..Exquisite quality combined with special woods and lovely objects which are hand crafted in South America. For example the chandelier and blown glass lamps shown below create a striking focal point in this dining room. Some of their fun hide stools and a custom bar are also shown below along with a cool floor lamp.

Here is Robin trying out the swivel trunk stools which are super comfortable!  

These Brazilian stone rock crystals are made by a talented artist named Melina Liberman which make beautiful table decor pieces or “home jewlrey!” Marie Rivera the Biasi Catani Showroom manager is shown below holding the energizing piece of art.

We ended the tour by toasting our new amazing ASID New York Metro President Robin Baron at Scalmandre! Congratulations!

Here’s to you Robin says the lovely Jodi Imburgia who planned this great Event. 

Jodi is the Vice President and Director of Marketing of the D&D building and has been bringing creative and interesting new events to us since she started. (She is shown above and below)Thank you Jodi! Also a special thanks to Kimberly Coughlin of the D&D Marketing team who does a lot of behind the scenes work and always has a lovely smile when checking us into the various events!

Many thanks to the ASID where I have been recently admitted as an Associate Member and thank you to the D&D for hosting this very cool event! I learned so much. We hope there will be more events like this one! Be sure to follow our blog to learn about more events like these. We would love your comments too!

Thank you to our sponsor Scalamandre for this lovely red enamel frame from Lenox which has landed nicely in my front hall at home.

Also thank you to #ManhattanMagazine for sponsoring this event.

Marina Case is the Principal and lead designer of The Red Shutters in Warwick, New York. She is the third lead designer in the company’s long, prosperous history. Marina was born in Manhattan, and has always lived in greater New York. She attended Baruch College and New York University, and then received her BA and MA degrees from the University at Albany. As her interest in design and decorating grew, Marina returned to the city to study at the New York School of Interior Design. Marina believes in telling her client’s stories in their spaces—and always in great taste. Marina is fluent in all four decorating styles: traditional, modern, tribal and fun. She is an enthusiastic Associate Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), has been named one of the “Top 50” New York designers by New York Spaces Magazine and won national attention for her design of the Spa at Glenmere Mansion. Marina participates in a leading collaborative national network of designers, sharing ideas in both the creative and professional aspects of the decorating business. She hosts The Style Show on live and internet radio, interviewing many prominent guests in the trade, and teaches a popular course about Historic Textiles and Wallpaper at the D&D Building for the New York School of Interior Design. Her blog, called The House in Good Taste provides an inside look to her inspirations and travels. Finally, she has been featured on Houzz for her design creativity and style. Marina resides in the Village of Warwick, is the mother of two boys, has served on many important boards and committees—including service for Tuxedo Park School, Tuxedo Park Library and Warwick Grove—and has been active in fundraising for these organizations and others. Her strengths include a compelling knowledge of taste and style, a gift for collaboration, a flair for color and an impeccable respect for her clients.

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